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Проекти | Картография на изчезващата памет | Цели и задачи


The project has three types of goals - research, educational and civic.

Research goals:

- To document and reconstruct “biographies” of “old Sofia” abandoned houses through photographs, personal stories, and conversations with architects.

- To research the reasons behind the neglected condition of these houses by analyzing legislation (Cultural Heritage Act, Cultural Monuments and Museums Act, etc) and property-related issues.

- To publish a catalog with pictures and “biographical” stories of run-down old buildings in the central parts of Sofia.

Educational goals:

- To prepare and start a practical workshop about specific usage of visual research methods. The workshop will be offered to students from BA in Sociology and MA in Urban Studies.

Civic goals:

- We aim to publish a catalog in order to provoke public debates about our project's results and raise citizen and institutional awareness to decaying urban space as a cultural heritage that is worth preserving.


- Phenomenological analysis of categories such as “beauty”, “old”, “abandoned” which will be deduced from described research observations aiming to reconstruct everyday pressupositions that serve as practical orientation in urban space. The analysis will be used as methodological basis for the selection of objects that will be derived from reflection on the described research prerequisites.

- The reflexive indication of prerequisites and their methodological processing will be used as an analytical tool in order to choose and designate objects. Then the research will be concentrated on mapping them out in the interviews with Sofia residents as well as by visual methods – photography of “dying” “old” buildings understood as “memory sites”. We aim at outlining spaces of oblivion which constitute our gaze and tangible city space alike. We will argue that the spaces of death through oblivion paradoxically help outline important contemporary “memory sites”.

- These two strictly academic missions are thought of in parallel with the third one – the civic. Our civic mission aims to provoke debates and create sensitivity to the city as a "historical" space and especially to raise awareness to the sorry state of “old” buildings that are disappearing one by one. They are often demolished with a complete disregard for their particular historical significance. In relation to this, our team is maintaining an active on-line space where preliminary fieldwork results comprising interviews and visual shots of houses will be published. They will materialize in a printed publication at end of the project. The book is intended to have academic as well as policy relevance.


Цели на проекта

Проектът си поставя три типа цели – изследователски, образ